Getting Started

The cluster resources are directly managed by software scheduler components. Univa Grid Engine (UGE) is the scheduler for the STAR Cluster.

STAR startup documents: stardoc is a short linux primer and basic cluster submission description. The sr and hello_mpi_world documents are c and fortran coded files demonstrating a few mpi commands.

matlab_r2012a_star (DOC, 178 KB)
stardoc : star startup document (DOC, 37 KB)
hello_mpi_world : a hello world coded in c (C, 436 bytes)
hello_mpi_world : hello world coded in fortran (F, 988 bytes)
sr : an mpi send-receive example coded in c (C, 3 KB)
sr : an mpi send-receive example coded in fortran (F, 4 KB)
hello_mpi_world_c (DOC, 10 KB)
sr_c (DOC, 19 KB)
sr_fortran (DOC, 21 KB)
Mathematica_Star_Setup : A brief HOWTO for remote Mathematica use. (DOC, 23 KB)
GPGPU_STAR_Setup : Running GPGPU code on STAR (DOC, 33 KB)