Apple Mobile Device Management

Apple Mobile Device Management powered by Jamf Pro allows departmental administrators to securely and remotely manage TXST iOS and iPadOS devices. This service maintains iPhone and iPad device health and helps to protect confidential and sensitive university data.

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff, Student Employees
  • Where to use: Texas State iPhones and iPads
  • Cost: Varies

More About Apple Mobile Device Management

Apple MDM Features

  • Remotely manage TXST iPads and iPhones
  • Install iOS and iPadOS apps across all managed devices
  • If desired, allow users to install approved apps
  • Remotely manage and push app updates
  • Enable lost mode and enforce activation lock
  • View mobile device lost mode location
  • Remotely wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Manage inventory by collecting hardware, software, and security configuration details
  • Create custom reports and alerts
  • Manage app licenses

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