LastPass is a cloud-based password management tool equipped with all the necessary features for managing and protecting your passwords, including website logins, addresses, and Wi-Fi passwords.

  • Enterprise version available to: Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, and Graduate Assistants
  • Premium (personal) version available to: Students, Faculty, Staff
  • Where to use: Online, mobile devices
  • Cost: Free

Key Features

Autofill Every Password

What's better than never having to worry about forgetting a password? LastPass fills your logins for you when you sign in.

Take Your Passwords Everywhere

Save passwords in your vault and use the LastPass app to access your accounts across devices and browsers.

Share Passwords Securely

Protect team accounts from a breach by sharing encrypted passwords that only the account owner can see.

Keep Digital Records

Add notes for insurance cards, memberships, Wi-Fi passwords, and more. LastPass keeps them organized and safe.


As an added layer of security, DUO two-factor authentication is enabled on all university enterprise accounts.

Locked-down Security

LastPass offers end-to-end encryption at the highest levels available, meaning only you have access to your information and your passwords are secure. 

Helpful Links

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