Information Security Consultations

Information Security Consultations are available for a wide range of services and support. For a full list of available services, please see the list below or request a consultation.

  • Available to: Faculty and Staff
  • Cost: Free

More About Information Security Consultations

Available Services Include:

Vulnerability Scan

The Information Security Office offers vulnerability scans and penetration testing to Texas State University owned web hosted servers.

Evaluate a Service 

If your department wishes to purchase a new software or service, the Information Security Office must first evaluate that the service aligns with TAC 202, and implements university policies to properly secure the transmission and storage of Texas State University information.

Network Firewall Exception

A Firewall Exception is a rule that permits or denies certain types of Internet communications through the university's network defenses. If you manage a server or some other device that must be accessible from the greater Internet, you may request a Firewall Exception for that server.

Integrity of Research Data

If you have a research that has just been IRB approved or you need assistance in acquiring a restricted data set, the Information Security Office will assist in safeguarding the restricted data set, as well as protecting the integrity of university research and its involving parties.

Report an Incident

If an incident concerning, email, malware, spam, ransomware, loss of laptop or computer, or violated a Texas State University policies, please contact the Information Security Office and report the incident.