WP Personal Websites

WP Personal Websites, powered by CampusPress, allows users to create a simple website or blog for yourself, a class, your club, or your research. Choose from nearly 100 accessible-ready themes to quickly and easily create your site or blog.

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff, Students
  • Where to use: Online
  • Cost: Free

More About WP Personal Websites


WP Personal Websites, powered by Campus Press, offers a number of tools that make sharing your content with the world a quick and trivial task:

  • Create Web pages or blog posts using a rich text editor.
  • Upload images to add to posts, or create an image gallery.
  • Choose from eight different themes to best suit your needs.
  • Customize your sidebar using various Widgets.
  • Add additional editors to your site with varying levels of access.
  • Accept comments from your site visitors.
  • Publish your site as an RSS feed.
  • Import and export your content to a portable file.

Note about Academic and Administrative Department Sites

WP Personal Websites is not a replacement for Texas State’s official content management system, Gato. Per UPPS 04.01.06, all academic and administrative department websites must use Gato to publish and manage official websites. WP Personal Websites are intended to meet faculty, staff, and student needs for web publishing not offered by Gato.