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Innovative uses for artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we approach administrative tasks, instructional methods, and research endeavors. Thanks to large language models (LLMs), users can have dialogues with generative AI models to express what information they need. Some examples of Generative AI include ChatGPT, Copilot, and Dall-E. While AI offers a wide range of applications, its ethical and purposeful use can significantly enhance administrative efficiency, research capabilities, and student outcomes. 

AI Fluency

From our favorite apps to the business enterprise platforms we use in the workplace, AI’s day-to-day presence is expanding. 
Building AI fluency—understanding the terms and concepts related to artificial intelligence—is essential to both using these tools effectively and discussing AI-powered applications knowledgeably. To get started with basic terminology and uses, the TXST IT Blog includes articles about AI tools in everyday contexts. In addition, both LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn offer modules and courses to explore as you build AI literacy: 

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Best Practices

To support the university’s gradual adoption of AI tools, TXST Information Technology has convened a team of IT professionals known as AI Ambassadors. These IT professionals will receive advance licenses for Copilot, Microsoft’s integrated AI assistant, and contribute to the formulation of AI usage guidelines, best practices, and successful use cases. In the future, AI Ambassadors will be available to foster AI adoption university wide.

Usage Guidelines

Before using AI tools in your daily tasks, it's important to be familiar with the resources below.

Guidelines for the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

We have a shared responsibility to use AI tools responsibly and securely. Please review Texas State University’s current Guidelines for the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools. Explore general principles regarding AI and guidelines for use of AI tools, including:

  • Safeguarding sensitive and confidential data.
  • Responsible use.
  • Academic integrity.
  • Acquisition and official use of AI tools.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Academia: Resources for Faculty

Texas State’s Faculty Development offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Academia: Resources for Faculty. These insightful resources support teaching and learning with AI and cover fundamental information about generative AI, such as ChatGPT, including:

  • How ChatGPT Can Be Used
  • Opportunities for AI and ChatGPT
  • Concerns for AI and ChatGPT
  • General Advice
  • Teaching our students about AI
  • Plagiarism Policy, Academic Honesty, and AI Detection
  • Additional FAQs and Links to Resources

Share Feedback

Your insights will help establish appropriate and effective uses for AI technologies at Texas State. Please share your experiences with AI tools by completing this AI User Experience Survey.

Learn More

Texas State offers two powerful learning platforms at no charge to faculty, staff and students. LinkedIn Learning and MS Learn are available using your university credentials. These platforms offer the most up-to-date guidance as begin navigating AI. The following resources will help you get started: