DOIT Accessibility Staff

Accessible Org Chart

Even our staff page is an opportunity to learn. Many departments create org charts that are image based and do not have sufficient alt text to describe the organizational hierarchy to some users. 

The nearby example shows how you can use a list to establish hierarchy in an organization without the need for an inaccessible image file.

  • Whitten Smart, Special Assistant to the VP for Information Technology
    • Evan Pickrel, Electronic Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator

Role of the Electronic Information Resources Access. Coordinator

Purchasing Authority

An electronic information resources accessibility coordinator is a neutral party that reviews and gives assessments regarding the accessibility of websites, software, hardware and web applications. When reviewing these products, they are required to abide by Title 1 Texas Administrative Code, Chapters 206 & 213, Subchapter C.

While the EIRAC provides guidance about the accessibility of your product purchases, it is not in their authority to cancel a purchase. This authority is designated to the VP for Information Technology and they decide whether to allow or deny purchases that do not meet the standards of the Texas Administrative Code.

Please read our procurement procedures page for more information regarding how to approach software, hardware and web application products. This page includes a link to the most recent VPAT document, which allows vendors to showcase their compliance with state and federal law regarding the accessibility of digital resources. It also covers exceptions to the Texas Administrative Code and provides a link to the exception request form.

Website Administration

The EIRAC is tasked with maintaining a database of accessibility scans for each Texas State website. Using this database, monthly scans of website are sent to site managers for review.

These reports are based upon WCAG 2.0 A, AA and Section 508 rules concerning website accessibility. Review the Texas State Website Policy page for more information about the rules concerning managing a site at Texas State University.